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香港黄大仙49559 香港黄大仙49559
香港黄大仙49559 香港黄大仙49559
Fangda real estate development
Committed to the development and operation management of industrial complexes
headquarters bases and high-quality real estate projects
Fangda real estate
Shenzhen Fangda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established on November 23, 2012, with a subscribed registered capital of 200million yuan. In 2017, it was approved as a third-class qualification for real estate development enterprises by Shenzhen Municipal Commission of planning and land resources.

Shenzhen Fangda Real Estate Co., Ltd. focuses on customer needs, boosts urban construction, and shapes an urban complex with the core purpose of serving enterprise development and integrating ecological excellence and leisure and entertainment. It has the industry's top design team, first-class construction team, high-quality management personnel and excellent project research and development ability, design and construction management ability, marketing planning ability, business operation management ability and property service ability.

Fangda real estate has always integrated the "craftsman spirit" into the details, escorted the self-operation and business expansion of the enterprise through the customized operation and management mechanism, and provided customers with characteristic Fangda property services. It is this craftsman attitude of excellence and keen sense of market insight that have built a series of high-quality projects such as Shenzhen fangdacheng, Nanchang Fangda center, Shenzhen Fangda building, etc.
Scope of business
  • Cultural and creative planning香港黄大仙49559
    Cultural and creative planning
  • Research and development of high-tech products and services香港黄大仙49559
    Research and development of high-tech products and services
  • Commercial housing sales香港黄大仙49559
    Commercial housing sales
  • Creative product design香港黄大仙49559
    Creative product design
  • Cleaning service香港黄大仙49559
    Cleaning service
  • Information technology services香港黄大仙49559
    Information technology services
  • Green conservation香港黄大仙49559
    Green conservation
  • Real estate development and operation香港黄大仙49559
    Real estate development and operation
  • House maintenance香港黄大仙49559
    House maintenance
  • Property management and self owned property leasing香港黄大仙49559
    Property management and self owned property leasing
  • Parking lot management and service香港黄大仙49559
    Parking lot management and service
  • Cultural and creative planning香港黄大仙49559
    Cultural and creative planning
  • Land development香港黄大仙49559
    Land development
Service advantages
  • Project research and development
    Project research and development
  • Design and construction management
    Design and construction management
  • Marketing Planning
    Marketing Planning
  • Business operation management
    Business operation management
  • Property services
    Property services
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